List Of Some Extensive Uses Of Silver Plated Copper Wire

You might be shocked after knowing the uses of silver plated copper wire. They are not only used in appliances but also have many different uses. The main reason for its high demand is that the copper consist in the wires has a silver coating on it that makes it more resistant.

Silver and copper both is the good conductor of electricity hence, they make a good combination together. It is the fact that silver coating on the wires makes a copper more resistant and conductive. Here are some great benefits of using silver plated copper wire.

  • Electrical Purposes – It is mostly used in appliance and for other electrical purposes. Silver is corrosion resistant material that protects the wire from being rusted whereas, copper is a good conductor of electricity that makes the wire more conductive. A majority of people choose these wires over other wires.
  • Used In Making Jewelry – Jewelry makers know the fact that silver plated copper wire plays an important role in jewelry manufacturing. It is used to making jewelry because it is highly conductive in nature and helps the jewelry component to stick together.
  • Used In The Entertainment Sector -These types of wires are used in the entertainment sector and in concerts wiring. It is also used in many musical instruments such as Violin, Guitar, and Sitar etc. because they are highly flexible and provides a good sound. Silver plated copper wires are usually an ideal choice for people having string instruments.
  • Automobile Industry – Silver plated copper wire is widely used in automobile sectors. There are many vehicles that work with the help of these wires such as Cars and Marine Vehicles. A majority of industries use silver plated copper wires for the finishing of their vehicle parts.

These are some really great benefits that silver plated copper wire serves. It has any other uses than you can think. The main reason for its popularity is that they are highly conductive in nature and available at a very low price that does not create a burden on your pocket. It is very important to buy them from a good supplier to get a durable and high-quality product. Many manufacturers offer doorstep delivery option to encourage more sales but, it is important to buy from a trustworthy supplier to reduce the risk of errors. So, be smart and take a wise decision before investing your money.

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Advantages of Copper Wires Over the Iron Wires

Copper wires are the most preferred choice for electrical wiring, main reason being the high electrical conductivity of this metal. High conductivity of copper allows easy passage of electricity through it without being much heated up. These wires are the raw material for Cable Industries for manufacturing different types of wires. Some of the electrical power cable drawn from copper include, tinsel wire, submersible winding wire, copper strip, special cable and control cable to name a few. In addition to this copper is also use in manufacturing several other instruments as well as machines.

The other metal used in manufacturing power cable is iron. PVC coated wire and PVC Insulated wire drawn from this metal are the most popular plastic for the coating of electrical wires. It is relatively more fire retardant low in resilient, price and also possesses excellent insulating properties.

Wires drawn from these metals have become the most popular metal for both the residential as well as commercial wiring. Some of the features of copper that gives it an upper edge over the other metals is that they are highly flexible and are known to have high resistant against metal exhaustion. Durability and malleability of this metal make it possible to draw them into any shape and size in a very convenient manner. Moreover the durability aids copper wire to stand to any climatic condition ranging from high heat to extreme cold.

Braided wire is largely used as flexible connector in electric appliance, storage batteries and electric stove. They are made up of super quality round copper wire composed of tinned flexible copper wire which is braided in to multiple-thread. The DC electrical resistivity braided copper wire is comparatively low. Copper strip are used in automatic machines for enhancing the production and reducing wastage of electricity moreover they are resistant to corrosion. Copper strip manufacturer facilitates customized strips in accordance to the customer’s demands and specifications. Bare copper strip are further useful as a raw materials for various industries, they are best suitable for the places having high salt content in the soil.

Different forms of electrical power cable drawn from copper and iron are very popular for power distribution. Among them PVC coated wire, braided copper wires are low voltage electrical wires and are made by wrapping many copper foil strands or by doing plastic coating around the textile core. Copper wire in India is largely available in different sizes and forms owing to the increased demand. Significance of copper has been proven across the world as the wires drawn from this metal are been largely used for both the residential as well as commercial electrical appliances. With the increased demand of copper wires the number of copper wire suppliers has significantly increased across the globe.

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Various Benefits of Using Silver Coated Copper Wires For Industrial Applications

Copper wires have been around for many years for its beneficial properties and are still used in now time. The electroplating or coating the wires is trending in the market because the additional coating of the wires makes them luster, flexible and enhances the chemical properties for better application use of the wires. Copper is a basic element used in making wires among various other metals. However, it is considered as the best for its physical and chemical properties. It comes up as a choice of electric wiring needs for buildings, commercials, and various industries. The silver coated copper wires are known for their great strength, better durability, electrical and thermal conductivity, etc.

There Are Various Benefits Of Using Silver Coated Copper Wires:-

Thermal And Electricity Conductor: There are so many metals used for making wire like aluminum, iron, platinum, gold, copper, etc. but copper has the best electricity conductivity among all. This is why copper is considered best for making electrical wires for industrial application. The thermal conductivity of copper is also much better than any other material. You can get your job done better and with greater efficiency. The addition of silver coating enhances the electrical and thermal conductivity of the wires.

Flexibility: The wires are easily malleable in any of the shapes which make it easy to bend. They are flexible to use and bend easily for installing it in corners. You can use it in the still and associated pipe works because when you work with the wires in an industry you need to bend it around several things. The addition of the silver coating to the wires keeps it tough and it doesn’t get brittle when you bend it.

High Melting Point: The wires we use for the various types of industrial application have to meet with the extreme temperature but copper are the chemically sound metal and it really takes a lot to melt it. When you meet with an overload or surge through the wires the most probable situation is, it is more likely to burn or melt. However, silver coated copper wires are hard to get melt or burnt due to the high melting point of the sound materials.

Ductility: It is an ability to beat the material with the hammer and can be drawn into thin wires. Copper is highly flexible and ductile, you can actually draw extremely thin wires with an ease and but you will not lose any toughness either.

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Why Should You Choose Silver Plated Copper Wire For Your Industrial Application?

The wires are the most important thing without which there is no life of technologies and electricity. The lifeline of the electricity influences our life greatly so we all need to be extra careful while choosing the type of the wires. There is a wide range of copper wires available in the market. Copper is the ideal material for this purpose because they have all the essential properties to become a hero. Another reason of choosing copper is its easy availability and cheap prices. They are coated with various other materials to make use of it for different applications even other than electricity. For electrical requirements, plating silver is considered as the best because they have almost equal or some better qualities than the copper.

Silver Is Better Choice For Plating Electrical Wires:-

Electrical Conductivity: Copper has good conductivity properties but silver has it better than that. The additional coating of the metal on the wires enhances the electrical conductivity properties and makes it more agile for the application usage. It offers number of quality features to improve the industrial application and reduces the accidents occurred due to the electrical failures. It is not only ideal for electrical applications but also used in many other places.

Thermal Conductivity: Silver is classified as the noble metal that has significant value and gleaming, lustrous appearance. Yet it is less expensive but has the best thermal conductivity. Electrical applications seek for a material that has excellent heat bearing properties. The plating of silver on the copper wires boosts the thermal conductivity of the material and makes it superior for even handling strong acids and chemicals. It also enhances the appearance of the material while making it more durable.

Hardness And Mechanical Strength: Hard yet flexible wires are considered as the best for the industrial application use. The hardness of the material helps withstanding various environmental conditions like corrosion, dirt, dust, heat, and chemicals. On the other hand, the flexibility is extremely important for shaping the wires and patterns them along the objects. The silver coating makes them free from any defects or increases the tensile strength.

Ductility And Malleability: The copper is the ductile material, which can be drawn easily into the thin wires. It has great tensile strength as it can be pressed into thin sheets without causing any breakage or cracking. This property of beating the material into thin sheets is called malleability of the material. Silver is also malleable and ductile like copper and has excellent properties to take any shape without affecting the tensile strength.

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Powerful Reasons To Switch To Silver Plated Copper Wires

Silver Plated Copper Wire is nothing new; it is just the amalgamation of two different metals, i.e., Copper and Silver. In simple words, you can say a copper wire gets plated with the layer of silver through the electrolytic process. These are highly demanded in today’s market and best option to choose for both domestic as well as commercial applications. These are not only used in electrical wiring, but in jewelry making, automobile industry, and many other applications. The reason behind its success and use in different applications are very powerful and one cannot deny from any of them. So, if you are not aware of them, take a look below.

Excellent Conductor Of Electricity: These are highly conductive and no other metal even matches its conductivity. They transmit more current in the small time period and helps in the preservation of energy that further reduces its wastage.

Corrosion Resistant: Corrosion is the biggest enemy of the metal and damages it drastically, which affects the overall application of that particular product. But when it comes to silver plated copper wires, so, they are corrosion resistant and give protection to the wires from getting damaged in all the temperatures and challenging environments.

High Tensile Strength: Silver plated Copper Wires have a better strength to offer than any other types of wires. Therefore, these are used in different industries for different purposes.

Highly Flexible: Apart from all other benefits, these type of wires are very flexible to use and easily mold themselves as per the need of the application, which makes them ideal option to use. Its use in wide applications is the proof of its flexibility that makes it a suitable option to use.

Easily Available: No doubt, it has a great demand in the market; therefore, you can easily find a number of manufacturers that offer such wires in endless options. Also, they have a lower cost than any other ordinary wire.

Temperature Tolerance: Last but not the least reason behind the use of silver plated copper wire is that it has a great temperature tolerance power. They are ideal to use in applications, where the temperature is high and ordinary wires cannot stay for longer period.

All these reasons are enough to make it clear that silver plated copper wire is suitable and one should invest in it. It has its use in different applications and you should try them.

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Is Electrical Wire Flexible Or Should I Look at a Power Cable?

Most people seem to start at the basic type of electrical wire called THHN wire when discussing how flexible wire is. Electrical wire isn’t flexible at all and was actually made to specifically not be flexible. It needs to be pushed through conduit so the stiffer it is the better. It also has a nylon coating over the PVC insulation to help it slide through easier.

Diesel Locomotive Cable

Locomotive cable is also known as DLO cable which is just the abbreviation. It’s a flexible power cable that has more strands than electrical wire. It’s built for industrial use and outdoor use on job site for supplying large amount of power. If you just want something a bit more flexible than electrical wire then there are still better options available. DLO cable will be much too expensive as a slight jump from THHN wire.

Flexible Welding Cable

Welding cable is very flexible power cable because it has so many small strands of bare copper wire. They’re wound together in a perfect way to add even more flexibility. The rubber insulation over the copper is also more flexible than the stiff PVC insulation. This would definitely be the nest step up from electrical wire because it’s only a little bit more expensive. Even though it sounds much more complicated the it’s very basic. It’s just copper and insulation so the pricing on the cable is very volatile.

Extra Flexible Welding Cable

If the standard welding cable isn’t flexible enough for you then this cable has to be. It’s called Super Vu-Tron Welding Cable and it’s a brand name by General Cable. It only comes with extra flexible 34 awg strands instead of 30 awg strands. It also has a more flexible jacket with rubber insulation. You could wrap a 4/0 welding cable around your finger if you get this kind.

Most of the flexibility comes in the awg of the strands. The higher the number the better. The Super Vu-Tron has 34 awg strands, welding cable has 30 awg strands, DLO cable has 24 awg strands and the least flexible electrical wire has 19 awg strands. So make sure you ask that question before buying something that someone tells you is flexible.

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