Why Should You Choose Silver Plated Copper Wire For Your Industrial Application?

The wires are the most important thing without which there is no life of technologies and electricity. The lifeline of the electricity influences our life greatly so we all need to be extra careful while choosing the type of the wires. There is a wide range of copper wires available in the market. Copper is the ideal material for this purpose because they have all the essential properties to become a hero. Another reason of choosing copper is its easy availability and cheap prices. They are coated with various other materials to make use of it for different applications even other than electricity. For electrical requirements, plating silver is considered as the best because they have almost equal or some better qualities than the copper.

Silver Is Better Choice For Plating Electrical Wires:-

Electrical Conductivity: Copper has good conductivity properties but silver has it better than that. The additional coating of the metal on the wires enhances the electrical conductivity properties and makes it more agile for the application usage. It offers number of quality features to improve the industrial application and reduces the accidents occurred due to the electrical failures. It is not only ideal for electrical applications but also used in many other places.

Thermal Conductivity: Silver is classified as the noble metal that has significant value and gleaming, lustrous appearance. Yet it is less expensive but has the best thermal conductivity. Electrical applications seek for a material that has excellent heat bearing properties. The plating of silver on the copper wires boosts the thermal conductivity of the material and makes it superior for even handling strong acids and chemicals. It also enhances the appearance of the material while making it more durable.

Hardness And Mechanical Strength: Hard yet flexible wires are considered as the best for the industrial application use. The hardness of the material helps withstanding various environmental conditions like corrosion, dirt, dust, heat, and chemicals. On the other hand, the flexibility is extremely important for shaping the wires and patterns them along the objects. The silver coating makes them free from any defects or increases the tensile strength.

Ductility And Malleability: The copper is the ductile material, which can be drawn easily into the thin wires. It has great tensile strength as it can be pressed into thin sheets without causing any breakage or cracking. This property of beating the material into thin sheets is called malleability of the material. Silver is also malleable and ductile like copper and has excellent properties to take any shape without affecting the tensile strength.

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