Various Benefits of Using Silver Coated Copper Wires For Industrial Applications

Copper wires have been around for many years for its beneficial properties and are still used in now time. The electroplating or coating the wires is trending in the market because the additional coating of the wires makes them luster, flexible and enhances the chemical properties for better application use of the wires. Copper is a basic element used in making wires among various other metals. However, it is considered as the best for its physical and chemical properties. It comes up as a choice of electric wiring needs for buildings, commercials, and various industries. The silver coated copper wires are known for their great strength, better durability, electrical and thermal conductivity, etc.

There Are Various Benefits Of Using Silver Coated Copper Wires:-

Thermal And Electricity Conductor: There are so many metals used for making wire like aluminum, iron, platinum, gold, copper, etc. but copper has the best electricity conductivity among all. This is why copper is considered best for making electrical wires for industrial application. The thermal conductivity of copper is also much better than any other material. You can get your job done better and with greater efficiency. The addition of silver coating enhances the electrical and thermal conductivity of the wires.

Flexibility: The wires are easily malleable in any of the shapes which make it easy to bend. They are flexible to use and bend easily for installing it in corners. You can use it in the still and associated pipe works because when you work with the wires in an industry you need to bend it around several things. The addition of the silver coating to the wires keeps it tough and it doesn’t get brittle when you bend it.

High Melting Point: The wires we use for the various types of industrial application have to meet with the extreme temperature but copper are the chemically sound metal and it really takes a lot to melt it. When you meet with an overload or surge through the wires the most probable situation is, it is more likely to burn or melt. However, silver coated copper wires are hard to get melt or burnt due to the high melting point of the sound materials.

Ductility: It is an ability to beat the material with the hammer and can be drawn into thin wires. Copper is highly flexible and ductile, you can actually draw extremely thin wires with an ease and but you will not lose any toughness either.

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